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Welcome to KINKA SUSHI BAR IZAKAYA, where we invite you to experience the evolution of Japanese cuisine. Originally known as KINKA IZAKAYA, we have transformed into KINKA SUSHI BAR IZAKAYA, bringing the essence of authentic Japanese culinary artistry directly from Tokyo's vibrant neighborhoods of Shibuya and Roppongi to the lively cities of Toronto and Montreal.

At KINKA SUSHI BAR IZAKAYA, we are dedicated to curating an upscale dining environment, elevating Japanese cuisine to new heights. Our reimagined menu offers a symphony of flavors, meticulously crafted sushi and sashimi selections, and an Omakase Tasting Menu that showcases the finest ingredients and techniques. As for pride and joy, indulge in our Oyster Kakimayo and mouthwatering Steak, each dish a testament to our dedication to culinary excellence.

From the moment you step through our doors and are greeted with the traditional Japanese welcome of 'Irasshaimase,' to the impeccable tableside service, our commitment to Japanese hospitality shines through every detail of your dining experience.

Immerse yourself in our vibrant atmosphere as you explore our array of shareable platters, main courses, and Japanese-inspired handcrafted cocktails. Indulge in signature creations such as our Chef’s Choice Sashimi Platter, Aburi Sushi, and Wagyu Carpaccio.

Pair your meal with our extensive selection of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, carefully curated to complement the flavors of our cuisine. Discover our collection of sakes, each offering a unique expression of Japanese craftsmanship.

At KINKA SUSHI BAR IZAKAYA, we invite you to transcend the ordinary and experience the extraordinary. Join us as we redefine Japanese dining in Canada, one exquisite dish at a time.